Crew Training

At Marshal Ship Management, we go beyond the general crew training standards stipulated by STCW and MLC and commit ourselves to training and upskilling our seafarers, utilizing advanced innovative training technologies.

Taking pride in being the pioneers in adopting virtual reality training onboard, we use cloud-based simulation technology for both navigational bridge and engine room scenarios to enhance in-house training capabilities. This commitment to ‘beyond-compliance’ training ensures our officers and ratings are not just meeting, but exceeding industry standards.

To this end, the quality of our training materials is a top priority for us. With meticulous attention to detail, our Training Department rigorously evaluates each component, including Computer-Based Training (CBT) and Virtual Reality Based Training (VRBT), ensuring it adheres to the highest standards before being presented to our crew. This process includes reviewing the content and actively participating as observers in courses at approved Maritime Training Centers (MTC).


Our structured training program is segregated into four key areas:

In-House Training

Focused on providing tailored training experiences within our facilities.

External Training at ATCs

Collaborating with leading Approved Training Centers to ensure comprehensive external training.

Onboard Training

Hands-on training conducted directly on vessels to provide real-world experience.

Cadet’s Induction Program

Specialized programs seamlessly integrate a substantial number of new cadets annually from worldwide training institutes into the maritime profession