Crew Management

A commitment to operational excellence, efficiency, and swift provisioning of skilled crew members for all types of ships is at the heart of Marshal’s crew management policy.

With an extensive pool of over 3000 well-trained officers and ratings from 20 countries, recruited and trained at 8 centres across Europe, Asia and Russia, we are agile and adept at meeting the bespoke needs of each vessel and owner, ensuring rapid response and adaptability.

Our recruitment process combines cutting-edge technology with a detailed personalized assessment, leading to accurate candidate selection that aligns with the unique requirements of each position.

This stringent method ensures the placement of seafarers who are not just competent, but ideal for their roles.

Continuous development and targeted skill-based training, exceeding standard requirements, are integral to our philosophy. This approach focuses on both the specific demands of ship owners and the nuances of individual vessels, preparing our crew for advanced responsibilities and career growth.

Compliance with international maritime standards and regulations is paramount in our recruitment strategy. Each seafarer undergoes thorough assessments and a comprehensive orientation program, covering vessel specifications, operational needs, and trading patterns. This preparation ensures proficiency and readiness for duty.

We also have advanced systems in place to continually and effectively monitor, record and manage all aspects of seafarer documentation, interview outcomes, assignment planning, and performance evaluations – allowing us to swiftly and efficiently provision the best-skilled crew members for ship owners.

The expertise and dedication of our onshore team, highly skilled in crew management, provide exceptional support throughout the process.

Their attentiveness and proficiency in all aspects of crew management solidify our reputation as a reliable and trusted partner for ship owners globally, capable of delivering unconditional support at every level.