Marshal continues to divert vessels to relieve it seafarers

Marshall Ship Management continues its  efforts to ensure that their seafarers are relieved from the vessels by diverting its vessels to            Cochin to carry out crew changes. The crew on board have reacted with gratitude to the management’s decision and.  Marshal Ship Management has thus far carried out close to a hundred crew changes and are continuously working towards relieving all its   crew who have completed their contracts. As already informed in the earlier press release, the Marshal Management earlier took a decision to compensate the crew by declaring a bonus for those crew who were on board and were over due for relief. This decision too was wholeheartedly welcomed by the crew who reiterated their loyalty and support to the company in these trying times.

Marshal Ship Management thanks its seafarers for their continues efforts on board the vessels, and also thanks them for their unending            patience and understanding in these very hard times. Marshal Ship Management re-assures its seafarers that the company will work          beyond its limits to ensure that the crew on board are assisted in all respects and those crew who have finished their contracts will be relieved in the first available opportunity.